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ASE stands for “Automotive Service Excellence.” Which is the national institute for automotive service excellence. The institute is an independent, non-profit organization, tasked with verifying talents, qualifications, and education for the automotive profession.

Does being ASE certified matter?

We definitely believe it does. When you take your car or truck into a shop for any type of repairs how do you know they are capable of doing the repairs safely? Sure, everyone states how many years of experience they have and how they stand behind their work, but how do they back up those statements? We believe one way to give consumers a little more assurance is by being ASE Certified. Through the institute each technician is put to the test. This process tests the comprehensive knowledge of everything from engine repair to brakes, transmission, maintenance and everything in between. When certified it helps demonstrate the technician’s expertise in different areas of automotive repair and maintenance. And to stay up to date on the latest features and advanced technology in the automotive industry, the technician has to re-certify every 5 years. The fact that a technician invested the time, energy and expense to gain ASE certification is symbolic of their passion for their work. ASE certification is a beacon of trust you can be confident that your car is serviced by qualified professionals. Next time you are needing any type of automotive services look for repair shops that offer ASE certified technicians.